The Code

3L1T3 Code – v1.3

Vision – More Fulfilling Lives

Mission – Do What You Say

Objectives – Fitness, Finance, Freedom

Strategies – Code Principles, Corps Team, Community Networks

Action Plans – Detroit, Worldwide | M28 Paradise

The 3L1T3 Code is an emergent set of ideas and guidelines to live a fulfilling life.

The Code works backwards from the long term vision towards the immediate action plans of the current year.

It encompasses the principles, culture and goals of our community.

More Fulfilling Lives

The Foundation

  • Accountability
  • Initiative

The Basics

  • Build and Maintain Health
  • Build and Maintain Wealth

The Keys

  • Building Relationships & Community
  • Learning & Exploration
  • Creating & Expression

This all leads to self-actualization and a sense of:

  • Achievement and Purpose

Areas of Application

  • Athletics
  • Academics
  • Arts

The Process

5-Star Days

  1. Read
  2. Write
  3. Eat
  4. Exercise
  5. Sleep

Daily Climb

  1. Messages
  2. Tasks
  3. Notes

A Culture of Accountability and Initiative

A culture is a set of attitudes and behaviors of a particular social group.


  • Open-minded
  • Creative
  • Dedicated


  • Learning
  • Building
  • Serving

Our ISMs

  • Do What You Say

    Accountability and Initiative Your word is your bond – be accountable to it. Not just for others, but for yourself – Do What You Say. Do what you say means that you can choose what you do – – DO what YOU say You have to follow through – Once you say it, do it.

  • Live the Dream

  • Focus on Fundamentals

  • Set Clear Expectations

    Nothing clarifies like clairty – the more obvious and intuitive something is to understand or remember, the more likely it is that it gets remembered.

  • Progress Over Perfection

Vision -> Action

  • Vision – More Fulfilling Lives
  • Mission – Redefine the word “elite” | 3L1T3 means choosing a fulfilling life centered in personal and community growth.
  • Objectives – Mobilize, Connect, and Elevate people in our communities
  • Strategies – Focus on building up people, platforms and products that reciprocate the culture.
  • Action Plans2024 Plan | 2050 Plan